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About us

Seaside Property of Cape Coral, Inc. is a family company that was founded in August 2012. It evolved directly from another property management company, EuroFlorida, Inc., which had been successfully operating in Cape Coral for 16 years.

Allow us to briefly introduce ourselves.

Andrea Mauer and Thomas Walter are the executive managers of the newly created corporation.

The foundations for successfully running a property management company were laid back in Germany.

Andrea Mauer - lizenzierte Maklerin

Andrea trained as an assistant tax consultant. After working in that field for several years, she went to college and graduated with an engineering degree in city planning. She was also a trained and licensed real estate agent in Germany.

After moving to Florida, Andrea passed the real estate exam and became a REALTOR® and Broker, working mostly in the Cape Coral area.

Based on her professional qualifications, Andrea handles the business management and real estate sales for Seaside Property.

Thomas Walter - technisches Management

Thomas trained as a technician for heating and air conditioning systems. He completed his training with a business management degree. For several years, he worked for an international real estate company with personnel responsibility.

Thomas takes care of all the technical aspects at Seaside Property – this includes doing home checks, arranging repair jobs, hiring service people etc. He is also responsible for servicing the in-house boats.

Additional employees and contractors support our team in the office, with the home cleaning service, in quality control, and the boat service.

We are proud of the fact that we are among the successful German companies that have settled in Cape Coral and become well established.