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July 2014

Dear Mrs. Mauer, Dear Mr. Walter,
obviously, it had been mere coincidence meeting you during our first vocations in Cape Coral last year and being well cared for by you. The resulting confidence has made it easy for us to aquire an own house thereafter with your professional assistance, to refurnish it in harmonious cooperation and to entrust you with the property management. We have regretted this no day because we can rely on you. We wish very much that our good relationship will last for long and encourage ourselves to return to Cape Coral as often as possible full of expectation.
Dr. Hans-Heinrich Noell and family

May 2014

Dear Andrea,
Thank you so much for helping us find our dream home. We truly appreciate your honesty, which allowed us to make the right decision and not buy the wrong property.
We are very happy with the choice we made, thanks to your help.
During the entire purchasing process, we felt we were in good hands with you.
Yours sincerely,
The Meissner Family from Hanover

October 2013

We stayed in fall 2013 in one of the houses taken care by Thomas. Everything was perfect until we realized that we had made a mistake and a booking for the following year and not for the current year. "Our" house was not available for us. Thomas and his wife found a perfect alternative and this on the spot! We had a great time and a wonderful place on Pine Island. Thomas took great care of us! Thank you again - you made our stay very special and we decided to return in 2014!
Roland Susanne and Moritz Brack

September 2013

Dear Seaside Team,

We wanted to thank you very much for your support when our little boy got sick during our stay in Florida. Thanks to your quick and unconventional assistance in the night, everything turned out all right. Thank you very, very much.
We felt very well taken care of by you; the home was a dream
We'll see you next year.

Until then all the best,
Anka Schmidt

September 2013

Dear Thomas,

We enjoyed our stay at Villa "Residence" very much, in no small part due to your helpful and straightforward way of explaining the property's features to us. A big Thank You for your support when our boat developed a technical problem and you offered us your boat. You also provided detailed, clear and unbiased information about investment properties in Cape Coral, which answers my question as to who I would trust when it comes to investments and real estate: We know we would be in good hands with Seaside Property. Once again, Thomas, our sincere thanks and who knows - you always meet twice in life :-)

Daniel Voegeli and Family

August 2013

We stayed at Villa Mango Bay in Cape Coral from Oct 5 to 18 and had a great time. We wanted to take the opportunity to once again thank Danny very much for taking such good care of us and especially for the detailed orientation when we rented the boat. We even “dared” to venture out all the way to Cabbage Key. His professionalism was extremely helpful to us.

Another big Thank You to the cleaning team. We really appreciated how clean the home was. As a guest, it’s the little things that make the difference, even if it’s just the towels in the bathroom that are folded prettily.

We certainly plan to return to Cape Coral for another wonderful stay like the one we just enjoyed. On Facebook , we “liked” your page, of course.

@Danny: Hopefully you feel better by now and got rid of the heavy cold / flu you were dealing with. I actually wanted to leave this feedback in the comment section on your home page but it didn’t work right… so here’s an e-mail instead.

Greetings from Switzerland and continued success!
Nicole, Bruno und Selina Meier

August 2013

Dear Andrea, dear Thomas,

A great big Thank You to both of you for your outstanding support and unwavering assistance in regards to our “Secret Garden” home on Pine Island. It’s become such a special place, and that is in no small terms due to the significant influence you had on furnishing and decorating the home. During a time that was very difficult for us, you took over so much work, concerns and worries, always going the extra mile – and the result meets our expectations exactly. It shows the painstaking efforts you went through, during a time when you were under a lot of stress yourselves.

We especially appreciate the boundless energy and work ethic you put into taking care of the property and the renters. We’ve always known that we can count on you 100%, not just in an emergency but especially in a situation like when we had the water damage. We know things will be taken care of with our best interest in mind. And you always keep calm, with a smile on your face! We truly cannot thank you enough – it’s really most reassuring!

We look forward to working with you for many years to come, and to the continuation of our friendship which has developed in the meantime.

Kerstin & Volker

August 2013

“Question: Who do you trust with your home? Usually your family and close friends, right? We found out that our home is in the best of hands with Seaside Property, too. We walked the entire path from purchasing to furnishing to managing the home with Andrea and Thomas, and we want to continue on that road with nobody else but Seaside Property. They give more than 100% when it comes to professionalism, dependability and helpfulness. You could not ask for more, folks. Keep it up!!!

Jeffrey und Diana Dudd

July 2013

Dear Andrea, dear Thomas,

I looked at our villa online, full of longing, and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a wonderful job, i.e. your patience with the workers and with us. The small details are just fantastic. I love the coral bowl in the kitchen - where on earth do you find these fabulous accessories? The cute manatee, truly an eye catcher. I'm looking forward to December when I'll be able to see it all in person.

Thank you again for all the enthusiasm you put into the home. We can really feel it.

Yours very sincerely from hot Greece, Nicole